We Can Help People Enhance Their Decor Together

How do you feel about space optimization? Does helping people achieve their utmost design needs thrill you?

If yes, you should join us to bring a new glow to houses with a detailed knowledge base on terrariums.

What We Need

You are an interior designer who loves to create the most from small spaces.

You have a plant science background. You have an interest in low-care and slow growers.

You are a writer with an interest in home decor and natural environments.

Why You Should Come Work Us


The first thing you’d notice about us is our community. We don’t treat employees as mere workers but as vital units that need nurturing.

As such, we are a company that values relationships. To grow, we believe all units must act together as one. And that community has helped us over time to be here today.


By yourself, you will have limitations. Say you’re an interior designer, you won’t have the opportunity to harness our kind of pool of knowledge.

With us, however, you’d learn more than just your immediate field. You will understand the different kinds of terrariums.

More importantly, you’ll understand how each fits into various home decors and plans.


We are an established platform for you to share your ideas with the world. With us, you can finally help homeowners to get the best results from their decor efforts.

Share and learn in a community of mutual goals. That sounds great – doesn’t it?

Apply today, and let’s see how to help each other!



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