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Nothing beats a reproducible decor hack. The beauty of seeing your art enhancing the outlook of your home!

We understand such a feeling. That is why at the core, we want to help you bring the artist in you.

To do that, we develop the best guides and resources you’ll find anywhere on terrariums. It doesn’t matter what you want; we have something for you.

Our knowledge base covers every part of terrariums, including the containers, plants, planting aids, and placements.

Our Team

Our team comprises experts across plant science, interior design, and writing. The plant experts help us understand the nature of what to grow in terrariums.

Our interior designers share light on what containers to use and how the terrarium will fit into living spaces. They also help in deciding if you hang or leave your mini-greenhouse on tabletops.

Lastly, our writers help us to put the information in snackable tips that you will understand. Together, our team has experience that spans across over a decade.

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