Brighten Your Morning with These 4 Amazing Hanging Terrariums

In our monotonous world, where work and stress have become a regular part of everyone’s life, we often tend to forget about the importance of nature and greenery. Capable of soothing your mood and relieving you of mind-stressing issues, green is a color that has the power to leave you feeling relaxed and happy. To make it even more convenient for you, here comes a hanging terrarium that will help you bring some natural greenery into your home. Save your time, money, and energy as you can make a wonderful small garden at your home, keeping your beautiful plants and flowers that require little to no care.

How Hanging Terrarium Works?

A hanging terrarium can be thought of as a mini greenhouse. It is usually made of glass covering that protects plants or living things inside from outside air or adverse weather conditions. It can be made of any type of glass material that protects the glass from fogging and allows light to pass through. It can be supported by a strong mount on the walls or on the windows.

In this type of terrarium, the plants and the moss of the different kinds can be placed. Although usually enclosed, there are versions that allow fresh air to circulate. In the closed version, what is created is an almost self-sustaining environment – moisture and oxygen/carbon dioxide are naturally recycled. However, in the open version, one must be responsible for watering, fertilizers, and it is important to check on the plants in order to ensure proper moisture levels.

The most important thing that must be done is to create adequate drainage. If not, the plants will simply rot, and the environment can get too humid. Overall, regardless of the type of terrarium, they can bring much welcome and much-needed greenery to an environment. They can make your space look more appealing, vibrant, and happy. And most importantly – it helps you feel better.

4 Best Hanging Terrarium for Your Home

Knowing that you can’t take care of all the plants you want to have at home, we will help you out by presenting you with a number of amazing hanging terrariums. Each of them is functional, attractive, and charming and capable of transforming your space into a beautiful garden without needing much care on your part.

Mkono 3 Pcs Small Hanging Glass Terrarium

When you want to enrich your living or office space with something special, these splendid terrariums will be a great choice for your beautiful plants. They come with a high-quality glass material that is pretty transparent, not like some others, which are made of some unknown materials; they will certainly let a lot more light in. They also look great and are multifunctional since you can hang them in the sunny window or place them on your desk.

The whole package comes with one pyramid, one diamond, and one teardrop hanging terrarium with a glass lib, which isn’t airtight. Meaning though this piece of beauty can care for most of your plants, it’s not suitable for hydroponic plants. However, if you don’t have any of these, you can definitely give your plants with this beautiful terrarium. So take a step further and become a happier and healthier person with these beautiful hanging terrariums.

UMEIED 6pcs Glass Hanging Air Planter Terrarium

A perfect addition to the living room, office, bedroom for stylish décor. UNITED Glass Hanging Terrarium is a great way to easily create fun and functional air where plants thrive. This stylish glass terrarium brings life to your room with its natural beauty, allowing you to add that green touch you have been looking for! It comes with six pieces of the hook, which makes it easy to hang the terrariums anywhere you want.

It is an easy way to beautify your environment and provide fresh air as well. It is a nice and inexpensive gift for the special person in your life. I’m impressed with the quality. These are very neat and well made. There are no scuffs or marks on any of them. The packaging was great too. Overall, I’m beyond satisfied with these – no complaints! I just love and appreciate their unique design. And I like to think that these help to make my room look vibrant and beautiful. The adjustable hanging hook ensures conveniences. Fashionable design and creative hanging styles make it become a decoration object. Overall a great buy!

Ivolador Set of 2PCS 4.7 Inches Hanging Planter Glass Terrarium

Bringing you closer to nature, Ivolador presents you with a stylish way to bring a little green into your life. Carefully hand-crafted out of glass, this set of 2 little globe-shaped hanging terrariums is the perfect way to display any of your favorite air plants. You can purchase extra sets of the Ivolador Globe Hanging Planter and mix and match the sizes, colors, and types of air plants you display — to create the perfect combination that suits your unique sense of style.

No matter which size you choose, Ivolador will help you create the perfect display for anyone who loves the natural feel of living things. Further boasting high boron silicon-based heat resistant glass, this terrarium can easily manage even the hottest of temperatures while keeping moisture and water from evaporating too quickly.

 Set of 3 Wall Hanging Terrariums Indoor Plants

Wall hanging terrariums are a great way to get your favorite houseplant off the table or countertop and into a more visible, artistic space. These hanging terrariums would make a great addition to a dining or kitchen wall, the wall of or an office, or even in a back corner of a sunny sunroom.

They are made from borosilicate glass (also known as pyrex or Bambu), which is sturdy and durable even though it breaks well, reducing your risk of accidents. These hanging planters also use a simple and classy design that is neutral enough to match most interior spaces—overall en amazing decor and packaging. I would recommend these to anyone looking to open up their space a little bit more.


Hanging terrariums are proven to help improve your mood, relieve stress, and increase your mental health. What’s more, they are very functional and useful, helping you to save time and money. Easy to hang and maintain, you can keep all the plants you want without sacrificing your limited space. Moreover, they are also quite charming and very stylish, making your home look more beautiful and stunning. Bring some of the discussed hanging terrariums into your life and feel their benefits!



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